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Find a new use for the clothes they’ve outgrown!

Every mom has this problem: Children grow very fast… perhaps even too fast? Some of their clothes can only be worn for a few weeks! If you have another, younger child of the same gender, problem solved. If not, what can you do with clothes that are still in good condition?

The first step is to make the task itself easier: Keep a bin in the closet and put all the clothes you can’t re-use in it, as and when this happens. Once the bin is full, it’s time to do a little housekeeping!

Sort the clothes

Step 1: Sort all the clothes. You may want to keep some for sentimental reasons, and dispose of others that can’t be re-used. Next, you need to decide how to get rid of clothes that are too small. Here are a few suggestions for giving them a whole new life – you’ll make some other families happy, while helping the environment!

Giveaways to moms-to-be

Do you know any moms-to-be? They would certainly be thrilled to get the clothes! Even if you personally don’t know anyone who’s pregnant, just ask around to see if someone would like to have them.

Donate to a helping agency

If you can’t find anyone to take the clothes off your hands or don’t have the time to look into it, donate them to a helping agency or a clothing outlet.

For that personal touch in baby’s room… create a mobile!

Preparing a warm and cozy room for a soon-to-arrive newborn – whether it’s your own baby, a grandchild, a niece or nephew, or even a godchild or a friend’s baby – is an especially magical moment! Adding something personal to this warm, snug space is quite often the final touch! You could write baby’s name on a wall or hang a picture that you create… or why not make a mobile?

Mobiles are always a nice addition to baby’s room – they’re a great source of entertainment and visual stimulation for the little one. People generally choose to buy a musical motorized mobile that they place over baby’s crib. If you already have one there, dare to be different: Install a second mobile, in the same colour theme as the first, above the changing table. Your baby will spend a lot of time, while on that table, gazing upwards!


Materials needed:

-          Steel wire (must be strong enough to hold a certain shape)

-          Thread (must be stouter than sewing thread) in a shade that goes with the mobile’s colours

-          Cardboard of various hues

-          One thumbtack (or a darning needle)

-          A small jar of acrylic paint that matches the colours of the mobile.

Throw a party while waiting for the stork!

Spring is often referred to as the season of birth… and celebrating a new life is a great reason for a party! Why not have a baby shower? Although they’re usually “just for girls”, there’s nothing wrong with a mixed crowd, that is to say, including the men as well. For another unique twist, you could divide the guests into two teams – males versus females – when it’s time for the games.


Shower Party. Source : Pinterest

Shower Party. Source : Pinterest


Although a mom-to-be could organize her own baby shower, it’s always more fun when her girlfriends do it… and even more so if it’s a surprise. Since I like to plan parties and I love surprises, I often volunteer to organize my girlfriends’ baby showers. A certain amount of planning is needed to make sure it goes off without a hitch:

1)      Step 1: Choose a date. Ideally, the shower should be held before the guest of honour enters her 8th month of pregnancy.

2)      Next, put together a list of potential guests. For an occasion such as this, feel free to combine groups of friends, immediate family members, the spouse’s family, co-workers, etc. After all, it’s a party for the mom-to-be.

An ingenious way to bring baby into the family circle

Your delivery date is still a few weeks away, and you’re looking for something to keep you busy while you wait for your “precious bundle” to arrive. How about a simple, yet ingenious, personalized decoration project: a family tree, with a special touch of “design”, for your baby’s room!

A family tree with a touch of "design"

A family tree with a touch of "design"

You need a canvas, in the size you want, and two colours of paint: one for the background and another for drawing the tree itself (use colours that go with the décor you have chosen). The tree can be drawn in a more linear style (to go with a modern décor) or you can create more curves, depending on what you like. (Visit Pinterest for some great-looking samples.)

Next, choose the nicest photos of Mom and Dad, grandparents, and brothers and sisters. Print them in colour (for a more playful effect), black and white (for a more “serious” look) or sepia (for an “antique” appearance). Cut the faces out of the photos to fit the sizes and shapes on the tree, then “frame” them so you can arrange them on various branches. Creating the frames is easy: Just cut the shape you want out of a piece of cardboard or scrapbook paper.

Decorating a baby bedroom: is it going to be a boy or a girl?

If you’re still unsure if your unborn child will be a boy or a girl, decorating his or her bedroom is not easy. Many parents prefer their baby’s gender to be a surprise, which can make decorating the baby bedroom a nightmare. Here are a few tips for creating a unisex decor that is calm and gentle—perfect for your little treasure, regardless of the gender:

A unisex baby bedroom

A unisex baby bedroom

  • The starting point for every decorating project is to choose a theme. Some themes tend to be more unisex, such as farm animals, insects, the zoo, the circus . . . set your imagination free!
  • Find a comforter that fits the theme you’ve chosen. To make decorating easier, it’s better to choose a comforter with a variety of colours and different patterns that will go well with the other objects in the bedroom. A variety of colours will give you great flexibility when it comes to choosing the colour of the walls.
  • For the walls, choose one or two neutral colours such as light green, lavender blue, cream, beige or yellow. If you’d like you can add some contrast by painting one wall in a deeper colour, like milk-chocolate brown or darker beige.