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A do-it-yourself “hidey-hole”

Here’s a new project for you: Set up an under-the-bed hiding-place as part of the IMAGINE Collection (see also the IMAGINE Collection in white!).

To start off, close your eyes and go back to when you were 5 years old. Are you there yet?

Now imagine that you have an ultra-secret hiding-place for yourself and your friends. Doesn’t this make you jump for joy?

Children love to have a little space all their own – which is why I promise you, this little hideaway under a loft bed will be an instant success. And best of all, it should take you no more than 30 minutes to set it up once you have everything you need.

View the step-by-step presentation for completing this fun project, below. Once it’s done, you can sit back and enjoy a great coffee while your child has fun in this new “secret” hiding-place!

South Shore mini-decorating project: An IMAGINE bed with a hiding-place underneath

The Imagine Collection
The Imagine Collection - Pure White

The Imagine Collection – Pure White

The Imagine Collection - Morgan Cherry

The Imagine Collection – Morgan Cherry

Various types of children’s beds

You’re expecting a new bundle of joy in your life and your eldest child needs to change rooms? You’ve moved, or your youngest has turned into a bassinet-climbing acrobat? For this and many other reasons, maybe you have to make do with a room small enough to give you headaches. I don’t have the solution to headaches, but I can sure help you navigate through the various types of children’s beds available on the market. Then you can assess your needs and decide which bed would suit you best.

Platform bed with legs

Platform bed with legs - 3050

Platform bed with legs – 3050

This type of bed has a simple look to it but may be just the ticket if you don’t want to buy a headboard. You can hide storage bins underneath. It’s a cost-effective solution since it doesn’t require a box spring.



Platform bed with storage

Platform bed with storage - 3159

Platform bed with storage – 3159

This bed doesn’t require a box spring either and has a drawer at the end, which is great for storing blankets and pillows.





Mate’s bed

Mate’s bed - Popular collection 2779

Mate’s bed – Popular collection 2779

The mate’s bed has a lot of storage space thanks to its three drawers, without taking up extra space.

A room of their own: personalizing your child’s room

Your child is one in a million—shouldn’t his or her room reflect that unique personality? Read on for some great ideas on how to personalize the decor of your child’s room.

Create homemade works of art!

You don’t need to be an artist to design striking pieces. It’s as easy as framing a piece of cloth from your child’s bed set or a piece of wallpaper you like. You could even personalize the frame by adding your child’s name or a photo that has similar colours.

Some stores sell very deep picture frames into which you can place treasured objects. Why not add some pieces of your little one’s baby clothes, his or her first pair of shoes, a soother or another beloved object? You could also choose an item that represents each year of his or her life and build a beautiful memory wall. Don’t be afraid to play with the colours of the objects, backgrounds and frames to mix and match with the room’s decor. One interesting option would be to use tone-on-tone colours to create depth with understated elegance.

Pick a theme, any theme!

Your little quarterback dreams of touchdowns while your little princess won’t wear anything but pink?