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Chocolate: A popular finish that’s a safe bet

Do you get a sense that the finish we call “Chocolate” or “Mocha” works with many types of décor? Have you also heard it described as versatile and timeless? Well, both those statements are true!

Our Chocolate finish - Our Mocha finish - Our Matte Brown finish

Our Chocolate finish – Our Mocha finish – Our Matte Brown finish


Because of its extremely subtle grain, Chocolate goes well with a variety of patterns – for both bedding and rugs. When you browse our website, you’ll see that this finish blends nicely with all styles: from Traditional to Contemporary to Transitional!

Further to Sophie’s post about 3 ways to play with Chocolate brown furniture, here are a few other ideas to inspire you!

Combine Chocolate and bright colours

Use these colours to achieve a dazzling contrast effect with “punch” that incorporates the tried-and-true: a Chocolate finish. Since the wall colours are easy to change, you can modify the décor anytime you want!

An interesting idea for a child’s room.


A room that combines Chocolate finish and bright colors

A room that combines Chocolate finish and bright colors

Exotic Chocolate

Chocolate evokes, for me, the colour of wood used to make those African masks and figures we buy as souvenirs. You’re most likely familiar with Ebony, which is generally black.

An ingenious way to bring baby into the family circle

Your delivery date is still a few weeks away, and you’re looking for something to keep you busy while you wait for your “precious bundle” to arrive. How about a simple, yet ingenious, personalized decoration project: a family tree, with a special touch of “design”, for your baby’s room!

A family tree with a touch of "design"

A family tree with a touch of "design"

You need a canvas, in the size you want, and two colours of paint: one for the background and another for drawing the tree itself (use colours that go with the décor you have chosen). The tree can be drawn in a more linear style (to go with a modern décor) or you can create more curves, depending on what you like. (Visit Pinterest for some great-looking samples.)

Next, choose the nicest photos of Mom and Dad, grandparents, and brothers and sisters. Print them in colour (for a more playful effect), black and white (for a more “serious” look) or sepia (for an “antique” appearance). Cut the faces out of the photos to fit the sizes and shapes on the tree, then “frame” them so you can arrange them on various branches. Creating the frames is easy: Just cut the shape you want out of a piece of cardboard or scrapbook paper.

3 Ways to Play with Chocolate Brown Furniture

They litteraly swept the stores and houses like a tsunami in the past ten years, the Chocolate brown furniture are everywhere today.  They have the advantage of providing warmth and elegance to a room and even before having added any color or deco.

They arrived via the contemporary wave, but since they were so popular it didn’t take long before finding them into transitional and traditional designs too.  The Chocolate furniture are fairly easy to enhance and fit with most wall colors (except maybe blue, you really have to pick the right one).

As always to choose a color it is preferable to start with the fabrics you like for your room (duvet cover, curtains, sofa, etc.). The paint colors for the walls and deco accessories will simply follow. However there are some rules to know if you are looking for a specific ambiance.

3 options with Chocolate brown furniture

3 options with Chocolate brown furniture

As an example if you want your room to be sober, you can paint the walls ivory with Chocolate furniture, this will bring a classic feel. Then you rely on wall art and accessories or patterns in the fabric to add warmth and personality.

If you are going for a more glamorous décor, the kind we can see in a chic hotel, you can paint the accent wall in a burnt orange that pairs well with chocolate brown and brings richness.

Decorating a baby bedroom: is it going to be a boy or a girl?

If you’re still unsure if your unborn child will be a boy or a girl, decorating his or her bedroom is not easy. Many parents prefer their baby’s gender to be a surprise, which can make decorating the baby bedroom a nightmare. Here are a few tips for creating a unisex decor that is calm and gentle—perfect for your little treasure, regardless of the gender:

A unisex baby bedroom

A unisex baby bedroom

  • The starting point for every decorating project is to choose a theme. Some themes tend to be more unisex, such as farm animals, insects, the zoo, the circus . . . set your imagination free!
  • Find a comforter that fits the theme you’ve chosen. To make decorating easier, it’s better to choose a comforter with a variety of colours and different patterns that will go well with the other objects in the bedroom. A variety of colours will give you great flexibility when it comes to choosing the colour of the walls.
  • For the walls, choose one or two neutral colours such as light green, lavender blue, cream, beige or yellow. If you’d like you can add some contrast by painting one wall in a deeper colour, like milk-chocolate brown or darker beige.

Tissue boxes: the perfect final touch for your home decor!

OK, I admit it: I’m obsessed with the small things, especially when I’m decorating or cooking. I’m admitting this to you today because I know that I can’t be the only one out there—do you see a bit of yourself in this story?

Just like you probably do, I have tissue boxes strewn here and there and everywhere around the house: in the powder room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom . . . but not just ANY tissue boxes, mind you. I choose boxes that match my decor and pick up on the colours—and even the style—of the rooms in my house. When I find a style that catches my eye, I’ll even hike my way across town to a pharmacy or grocery store if I can get my hands on it in bulk.

Looking around at the wealth of riches on offer in the tissue box aisle, I realize that I’m not the only one putting so much thought into the subject: companies are coming out with more and more interesting designs using trendy colours and all shapes and sizes. Seeing as we already hunt down pillows, baskets and knick-knacks to match our decorating scheme, what could be wrong with personalizing a simple little inexpensive item for a bit of extra oomph factor?