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Convert your desk into a make-up table

I’m probably no different than most of you in that I love changing the décor in my home. And what I like even more is changing it without having to spend a lot. The furniture we have often presents more potential than we think. For example, a night stand can be made into a mini-range for your little ones, or, as I’ll show you in this post, a simple desk can become a make-up table that you could customize to suit your teenager’s or your own personal taste.



Axess Desk

Axess Desk


This particular project doesn’t call for any required equipment – you can use what you have on hand! Ribbons, appliqués, paint, stencils, sequins, little storage boxes, etc.

1. You can start by changing the ambiance (for example, the wall colors) of the room where the desk is. This will give it a whole new look.









2. Next, you could add appliqués, ribbons or paint to some areas of your desk. In this case, I chose to place a ribbon on the hutch. I also painted a zigzag pattern on the drawer front, using acrylic paint and a stencil (see our blog post on how to paint laminated furniture).

Make a doll’s house all by yourself!

Most little girls dream of having a doll’s house, but they can be quite expensive to buy. Here’s how you can use one of our bookcases to make this typical little girl’s toy on your own, at a low cost!

Doll's house

Doll's house

1)    Choose a bookcase from the range we offer: Pick the colour you like, the height you need (i.e., the number of storeys in your house) as well as the style you’d like to have – some bookcases have metal legs or mouldings that could give the doll’s house a unique touch.

We’ve opted for a very simple bookcase with two adjustable shelves. In our concept, the shelves remain at the centre holes so the space for the dolls is the maximum room height.


2)   Start by deciding which rooms you would like on each floor.

As an example, we’ve set up our living room on the first floor, the kitchen/dining room and bathroom on the second, and the two bedrooms on the third, with a rooftop terrace. To make the walls, we chose foam core – a material often used for presentations – but a cardboard box cut into sheets will work quite well. You can stick the panels together with adhesive putty or tape.

Decorating a baby bedroom: is it going to be a boy or a girl?

If you’re still unsure if your unborn child will be a boy or a girl, decorating his or her bedroom is not easy. Many parents prefer their baby’s gender to be a surprise, which can make decorating the baby bedroom a nightmare. Here are a few tips for creating a unisex decor that is calm and gentle—perfect for your little treasure, regardless of the gender:

A unisex baby bedroom

A unisex baby bedroom

  • The starting point for every decorating project is to choose a theme. Some themes tend to be more unisex, such as farm animals, insects, the zoo, the circus . . . set your imagination free!
  • Find a comforter that fits the theme you’ve chosen. To make decorating easier, it’s better to choose a comforter with a variety of colours and different patterns that will go well with the other objects in the bedroom. A variety of colours will give you great flexibility when it comes to choosing the colour of the walls.
  • For the walls, choose one or two neutral colours such as light green, lavender blue, cream, beige or yellow. If you’d like you can add some contrast by painting one wall in a deeper colour, like milk-chocolate brown or darker beige.