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Making an “enlightened” choice in window coverings

Decorating a room can be as simple as adding an attractive vase, a stylized area rug or even a beautiful piece of art. We tend to forget, however, that window coverings can also be a little “extra” that’s very easy to fit into your décor – even more so since they’re an essential addition most of the time.

Let’s start with the basics: How do you choose the right window covering?

  • You first need to decide on the style you would like for your room: contemporary, country, traditional or eclectic*?
    *Eclectic: A room done in eclectic style is a combination of various décors.
  • Decide what you need based on factors like privacy, lighting, the existing décor, etc.
  • Next, find the window covering that works best for you.

Traditional blinds

These are often under-estimated, since we think of the old aluminium blinds that used to be all the rage many years ago! Today, however, wooden blinds definitely have a decorative appeal that shouldn’t be dismissed. They’re just the thing for complete privacy with no light or for some privacy with the light from outdoors filtering into the room. Blinds are highly versatile and practical, since they go well with any style.

A do-it-yourself “hidey-hole”

Here’s a new project for you: Set up an under-the-bed hiding-place as part of the IMAGINE Collection (see also the IMAGINE Collection in white!).

To start off, close your eyes and go back to when you were 5 years old. Are you there yet?

Now imagine that you have an ultra-secret hiding-place for yourself and your friends. Doesn’t this make you jump for joy?

Children love to have a little space all their own – which is why I promise you, this little hideaway under a loft bed will be an instant success. And best of all, it should take you no more than 30 minutes to set it up once you have everything you need.

View the step-by-step presentation for completing this fun project, below. Once it’s done, you can sit back and enjoy a great coffee while your child has fun in this new “secret” hiding-place!

South Shore mini-decorating project: An IMAGINE bed with a hiding-place underneath

The Imagine Collection
The Imagine Collection - Pure White

The Imagine Collection – Pure White

The Imagine Collection - Morgan Cherry

The Imagine Collection – Morgan Cherry

Minimalism – Sheer Simplicity in an Ultra-Modern Trend!

Creating an inspired décor isn’t always easy – especially if you have to make do with what you have on hand… flooring and a bookcase in two different shades of brown, walls painted in eggshell, accessories in lime green and sky blue, armoires in charcoal… Yikes!

I have, in fact, had to rack my brain when coming up with ideas for decorating my condo, until I came up with this stroke of genius: Go minimalist!

As illustrated by the name, this style (rooted in zen philosophy) is based on a simple principle: Return to the essentials and discard the superfluous. The watchwords are purity and restraint. Minimalism is now increasingly a feature of website architecture, fashion and – of course – design and decoration.

Here are some benefits of minimalist décor: a relaxing atmosphere, a beautiful look and housekeeping made easy (no need to move objects when it’s time to dust the counter!). So choosing this style is in your best interest!

A minimalist bedroom

A minimalist bedroom

How to recognize a minimalist décor

The walls are often done in a neutral colour such as white, grey or black. And the room is never “overloaded”: The placement of every item – including tables, lamps and vases – appears to have been planned with a view to achieving perfect balance.

Come on kids—let’s all participate!

How many times have I heard women complain that their partners and children don’t pick up after themselves? I am guilty of being one of them, but those days are over. You’d do better to save your breath and take action while the kids are still young.

Around the age of 3 or 4, kids want to help out and do things like grown-ups do. This is a chance of a lifetime! It’s the perfect time to instill good habits, teaching your kids to put things away properly. If the plan works, they’ll gradually learn about organization and may even develop a sense of responsibility (I know, it’s music to the ears!).

Drawer organizers

I’m not talking about a boot camp for tidying up, just simple little things your kids can do. I have two girls that I adore, but I have no desire to constantly pick up after them (though it’s a great way to get a cheap workout!). That’s why the drawers in their bathroom have plastic baskets: one for toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss; another for hair elastics and barrettes; and another for combs and hairbrushes. It has become a reflex for them to put everything back in the right basket (they began using the baskets before they could even talk).