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A do-it-yourself “hidey-hole”

Here’s a new project for you: Set up an under-the-bed hiding-place as part of the IMAGINE Collection (see also the IMAGINE Collection in white!).

To start off, close your eyes and go back to when you were 5 years old. Are you there yet?

Now imagine that you have an ultra-secret hiding-place for yourself and your friends. Doesn’t this make you jump for joy?

Children love to have a little space all their own – which is why I promise you, this little hideaway under a loft bed will be an instant success. And best of all, it should take you no more than 30 minutes to set it up once you have everything you need.

View the step-by-step presentation for completing this fun project, below. Once it’s done, you can sit back and enjoy a great coffee while your child has fun in this new “secret” hiding-place!

South Shore mini-decorating project: An IMAGINE bed with a hiding-place underneath

The Imagine Collection
The Imagine Collection - Pure White

The Imagine Collection – Pure White

The Imagine Collection - Morgan Cherry

The Imagine Collection – Morgan Cherry

Stuck with White? Here’s a Survival Guide!

You may be at this stage right now, or you’ve already gone through it: At one point or another, everyone goes through the apartment living phase!

We’re often told that creating an accent wall will help “punch up” our décor. It’s a great solution, as long as it’s “doable” – but it may be impossible for any number of reasons: the landlord says you must repaint the wall white when your lease is up, or painting is just not your thing… so here’s our guide to surviving when you’re “stuck with white”!

Making do with white is in fact great news, since this colour is “hot” right now. One key benefit is that it brightens up a room with inadequate lighting and makes it look bigger. Think of the white walls as a blank canvas on which you can give free rein to your imagination and creativity!

White living room

White living room

Here are a few tips to make your new canvas “sing”:

  1. Play with different textures and materials: a microfibre sofa, a glass table and a few white faux fur cushions can add a little glam to the room.
  2. If you feel the urge to play with variations, think about diverse shades of white – eggshell, cream and ivory, to name just a few.

10 Teen Room Makeover Ideas

With a simple change of bedding and accessories and new, vibrant colours, you can easily transform your teenager’s room without changing the furniture. Even better, you will not have to find all the ideas yourself because teens generally have very specific tastes. They know what they do and do not like. Keep an open mind and do not be surprised if you are asked for a tangerine or purple room – bright colours are often well liked by teenagers.

Teen Room

Teen Room

  1. Start by choosing a theme and build the decor around that theme. Does your teen like sports? Choosing new hues will be easy, as you will only have to match the colours of their favourite team.
  2. Putting stuff away is a teen’s weak spot, so the next step consists in evaluating storage needs. Make the task easy by installing several shelves on the walls, in an armoire or in the room’s closet. Then, add containers or baskets.
  3. A laundry bag on a hook or a simple laundry basket on the floor has a bigger chance to be filled than a hamper with a cover your teenager has to open.
  4. Hang magnetic or cork boards for photos, notes, the school calendar, etc.

Design tools

My girlfriend and I have been making some major changes in our home lately: we added a living room, built a new room for our eldest child in the basement, and redesigned my daughter’s existing room.

Just like with any family project, we all want to let our individual tastes and needs be known: compromising is a must. For example, in our new living room, my girlfriend would like to have an office space, my daughter would like an arts and crafts table, and I would like to have nice big armchairs for when we have friends over. So we were faced with a dilemma about how best to use our new space: how do we get the look we want, plus make sure we buy the furniture that will meet all of our needs perfectly, without overloading the space? We used a few tricks that I thought you might find interesting.

Scrapbook your ideas

Collect all of the magazine clippings, pictures of furniture and decorations, and samples of the paint and materials you intend to use in your new design. Just as in a scrapbook of your most memorable vacations, glue all of these items onto a large cardboard sheet.

Stuck with a small bedroom?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself stuck with a small bedroom. For me, it was because I found the apartment of my dreams: good neighbourhood, lots of closets and storage space, large balcony, great location! That said, not everything was perfect: the bedroom was probably half the size of my previous room.

In my case, the old trick of making a scale floor plan to help decide where to put the furniture didn’t work. I had a bigger problem: there wasn’t enough space in my room to put all of my furniture. That’s OK, I was prepared to compromise and do away with some pieces. Particularly because I tend to feel claustrophobic in small spaces, overfilling the room and feeling cramped was not an option. The problem now is that I have the same amount of clothes, shoes and accessories as before, and this time compromising is out of the question—I WANT to keep everything. And therein lies the problem.

Here are a few tricks that I found helped me:

  • Because furniture must be kept to a minimum, choose pieces that are tall and narrow. Mate’s beds are also great; the drawers underneath are the perfect place to store bulky sweaters.