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The super «monster-free» mates bed for kids

As parents, you know sleeping is really important for kids (for their health and yours!), therefore you must pick the right bed.

We offer different types of beds for children, because the needs vary from one to another.  However, here`s a list of many reasons that make the mates bed a perfect choice for little ones:

Design Benefits

The bottom of the mates bed is full, therefore no need for a boxspring; you simply put the mattress and it makes it economic.

  • The mates bed is 14’’ high to allow younger kids to climb in by themselves when it`s sleeping time.
  • The mates bed shape is rather simple, for easy mix & match with other dressers & chests.
  • The corners of the mates bed are rounded for more safety.
  • The mates bed is available in many different colors to suit different tastes & needs.

Functionality Benefits

  • If your little one is in transition into this big bed, you simply lift the mattress and insert a security rail.
  • The twin size or full size mates beds don’t take up more space than any other kid’s beds.
  • The mates bed features integrated storage with 3 perfect drawers for clothes or just for small treasures found everywhere in the house like balls, blocks, action figures (ideal if you lack space for an additional chest).

Storage space in your closet!

Finding space for storage in your closet is always a challenge. Even a tight space needs to be organized so you can find things quickly and put them away easily. Because I’ve had to deal with this problem since I was a small child, I tested a few solutions for you – actually, my boyfriend is the one who did the testing, since he’s very good at building things! With my good ideas (and thanks to his efforts!), we came up with a few options that I’m happy to present to you.

Open storage spaces

When it comes to clothes storage, we often tend to think of furniture with drawers or a wardrobe. But you can achieve miracles with a unit featuring open spaces and shelves! Everything you put in remains accessible and is always in sight.

Storit Collection

For a slightly more attractive look, you could buy some coloured baskets or boxes that will hold whatever you want to keep out of sight (underwear, belts, swimsuits, stockings, etc.).
Best of all, if you can’t find a piece of furniture that will fit in your closet but you or your spouse can work with your hands, think about making what you need yourself.

Storage solutions

Does opening your closet doors strike fear in your heart? Are you reminded of a warehouse when you look under the bed? Is trying to find your youngest’s red pants like a treasure hunt? Maybe it’s time to reorganize!

Make sure your furniture meets your needs

The change table you bought when your little angel was born no longer has enough storage space for all the skirts and tops she looks so adorable in. Before adding an extension to the house or building a Beverly Hills-worthy walk‑in closet, start by looking at your current furniture arrangement. Purchasing a bed with drawers might be all that you need. Or maybe you can solve your storage woes by replacing the three-drawer chest with a double dresser and storage hutch added on top. If, however, after a systematic analysis you find that your rooms are adequately furnished but you still have a serious storage problem, here are some options you might find useful.

Wall storage

Cupboards or cubbies secured to the wall just under the ceiling won’t get in the way of your living space and will provide you with storage for those items of sentimental value that don’t get used daily. They’re a great place to safely keep wedding presents, out-of-season clothing, slides from your tender youth and the recipe books handed down from mom.

How to get rid of monsters under the bed

The other day on the airplane, some of my good karma finally paid off: in the seat pocket were three beautiful magazines left behind by the last occupant. JOY!

  • OThe Oprah Winfrey magazine, a magazine full of wonderful ideas for your home, kitchen, body and soul.
  • Health Magazine: maybe a sign that I took it a little too easy on my vacation?
  • Redbook, which I hadn’t heard of, but the tagline Love Your Life piqued my interest.

In Redbook, there was an article about how families manage their sleep routines. If you’re a parent, you probably know what the most challenging time of day is: getting the kids to sleep is more art than science. But what are some ways to promote rest and relaxation?

As a designer, my first instinct is to ask if your room or your children’s rooms are optimized for sleeping. If they’re full of toys, books and clothes littered all over the floor, maybe you need a new storage solution.

One option is the mate’s bed (or captain’s bed), which offers plenty of integrated lower storage. This bed also solves a major problem: it makes it impossible for monsters to find a good hiding spot.